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Our Mission

The Rancho Santa Fe Community Center strives to enhance the spirit and benefits of community life in Rancho Santa Fe through programs, events, and services of enrichment, recreation, and outreach for all ages.

The Community Center is a nonprofit organization which does not receive federal or state monies. We rely upon memberships, program fees and annual fundraisers to finance our daily operations. The Community Center is committed to building the future of this community through a diversified income stream from memberships, programs, fundraisers, donations, wills, and securities. 

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As an organization dedicated to creating community for all Rancho Santa Fe residents, the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center believes in:

Integrity: We deal with everyone in an open and honest manner, while taking care that this candor also shows consideration for the parties with whom we are dealing and the RSFCC.

Respect:  We acknowledge and accept without bias that other individuals and organizations have different ways of seeing things, different life experiences, and different needs. We deal with both individuals and organizations on the basis of "Treat others as you would like to be treated."

Inclusiveness: We celebrate the diversity of our community and encourage and support the participation of residents of all ages in our programs and activities.

Adaptability: We are constantly working at staying in touch with our constituents and understanding their needs as they evolve. We always consider ways to change and improve, and then take action when appropriate.

Safety and Security: We pride ourselves in providing a safe and secure environment, and ensure safety throughout our operations especially with respect to the children of our community.

Loyalty to Community: We demonstrate loyalty to RSF’s rich history with a focus on the future.

Leadership: We anticipate needs and initiate and guide the process of finding and delivering solutions.

Collaboration & Unity: We are in regular contact with other community organizations to coordinate programs and events and we foster a “town spirit” with all of these groups.

Fun: Our staff and board members foster a positive, enthusiastic, and upbeat atmosphere.

Commitment to Excellence: We constantly strive to improve and professionalize our performance in all areas.